IGNLP has teamed up with the Academy for International Science and Research to bring you 


Certified Level 4 Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

(non RQF)

The Most Comprehensive Certified Hypnotherapy Diploma Ever Developed.

This Programme is Certified by the

  • International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT),
  • The Dave Elman Institute
  • International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA)
  • The Irish Guild For NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioners and Trainers


A CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion

Recognised By:

 Hypnotherapy Directory U.K.

Follows the

 Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council's (CNHC) Core Curriculum Guidelines

Accredited by 

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine UK

Irish Guild for NLP, Hypnotherapy & 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers


                           (FIVE Certifications For The Price of One)


Learn the Skills to be a Confident, Compliant and a Competent Hypnotherapist and The Secrets to Creating a Successful ONLINE Practice

This certified Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist Training is designed for individuals who are in a career transition or are looking for a career change in the immediate future. This 500-hrs intensive training includes discussion, demonstration, supervised practice sessions and assessments in order to learn various hypnotic and hypnotherapeutic  techniques as outlined below. While suggestions are an important aspect of working with hypnosis, effective hypnotherapy is more than just providing suggestions. In this training you will learn powerful interactive processes that create powerful change for your clients.

With this experiential training, you will experience the interactive processes as both the therapist and the client, as you learn and share experiences with the other students in your class. You will also have the benefit of IGNLP's eLearning platform to deepen your understanding, hence enabling you to complete the Diploma in Hypnotherapy (CHt), which constitutes the study component for IACT, the Elman Institute, IGNLP and the Hypnotherapy Directory UK, and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine requirement for Certified Hypnotherapist membership for your Practice.  

This Hypnotherapy level 4 Diploma follows the guidelines set out by the The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council's (CNHC) core curriculum.

Our academy motto We Strive for Academic Excellence and Deliver a First Class Education, Our Hypnotherapy curriculum and teaching excellence  produces graduates that possess the  4 Cs which are essential for any successful hypnotherapist.

All of our graduates are Compliant with the core curriculum , we will teach YOU to be  Confident  when treating clients which, along with our curriculum delivery methodology, will enable YOU to have the  Capability and the Competency to help others within YOUR practice, in a meaningful way.



Unlock The Power of The Subconscious Mind

Learn The Best Kept Hypnotic Secrets in the World

Make A Real Difference To Yourself And Others

Join our International Master Trainer Dr. Terry McIvor for LIVE Training Sessions 

Dr. Terry will be hosting the classes on Zoom for those who want to practice Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy as a career. As a student you will be a part of a dynamic class, you will have the ability to  ask questions and practice techniques with your peers, live and interactively.  You will ALSO have full access for life to all the training sessions .



You will also get Your CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion with 240 points  - For those Students with 90% Attendance or Greater

 One Year Free Student Membership to the Irish Guild For NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioners and Trainers. 

This Course Will Enable You To Learn Everything You Need In Order to Make Real Changes, To Build a Successful Practice And To Guide Your Clients Effortlessly To Their Desired Life Goals.

In This Unique Course, I Will Share My Most Powerful Techniques, The Same Techniques I Use With My Clients And I Will Tell You About Other Cutting Edge Hypnosis Techniques, That You Will Not Learn Anywhere Else. 

These Techniques  Are Changing Peoples Lives Right Now.



Certified Hypnotherapy Course - IGNLP, This is the most comprehensive Hypnotherapy course in the world and is recognised by the Hypnotherapy Directory U.K. Our students will gain inclusion on to the Hypnotherapy Directory U.K. once they graduate. The course is 500 hrs of which 120 hrs will be either face to face teaching and/or live Zoom teaching.

Module 1

How to use the Study manual
• Suggestions for Additional Reading
• IACT Code of Ethics
• Preamble
• Code Of Ethics Rules for Members: Regarding Client/Customer Services
• Competence
• Integrity
• Informed Consent
• Fees and Financial Arrangements
• Confidentiality
• Consultations and Referrals
• Terminating a Professional Relationship
• Code of Ethics Rules for Members: Regarding Ethical Business Practices
• Plagiarism and Other Work Product Violations
• Advertising Protocol
• General
• Standards of Practice
• Course Objectives
• What Is Hypnosis?
• The History of Hypnosis
• Models of Hypnosis
• Calibrating Trance - Signs Of Hypnosis
• Signs Of Hypnosis
• Feelings of Hypnosis
• Breathing
• Stylistic Approaches to Hypnosis
• Authoritarian Approach
• Standard Approach
• Permissive Approach
• Utilization Approach
• Presuppositions of Modern Hypnosis
• Establishing the Hypnotic Relationship
• The Pre-Induction Phase
• Rapport Skills
• Traits of the Effective Hypnotherapist
• De-Mythologizing Hypnosis
• Subconscious and Unconscious – Dialects and Differences
• Pre-Talk (Aka Pre-Induction Interview)
• Have You Ever Been Hypnotized?
• Rules of The Mind
• Model of the Mind
• Other Popular Models
• How Neuropathways are created
• The Critical Factor or Gate Keeper
• The Reticular Activating System
• Brain Waves
• Will Power Vs Imagination
• The Power of Thought
• Memory
• Brain Teasers
• Discovering Natural Trance
• Stylistic Choices in Hypnotic Communication
• Permissive Language
• Possibility Language
• Non-specific Language
• Utilization of Environmental Variables
•  Junko Logic

Module 2


How to Study Dave Elman’s Methods

•A Short Reprise of Dave Elman’s Life

 • What Is Hypnosis? What are the Primary Misconceptions?.

 • What Dave Elman Ignored ….What He Considered or Stressed. . Suggestibility Testing.
 • Levels of Hypnosis: Depth
 • The Dave Elman Induction

 •Elman Induction Group Induction

 •Stage Hypnosis

 •The Dave Elman Induction: Primary Example.

  • Sample Dave Elman Induction
  • Troubleshooting the Dave Elman Induction
  • Emergence from Hypnosis.
  • Additional Variants of the Dave Elman Induction.
  • Additional Commentary on Induction Semantics
  • Indicators of Hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Suggestion Styles
  • Direct Suggestions
  • Indirect Suggestions
  • Suggestion Types
  • Positive Suggestions
  • Negative Suggestions
  • Content Suggestions
  • Process Suggestions
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Responsiveness Testing
  • The Purpose Of Testing
  • Chevreul’s Pendulum
  • Yes And No Signals
  • Human Pendulum
  • Pendulum Chart
  • Eye Catalepsy 
  • Magnetic Hands
  • Buckets And Balloons
  • Postural Sway
  • Hand Clasp
  • Hypnotic Responsiveness Profile
  • Responsive Style
  • Attention Style
  • Motivational Style
  • Experiential Style
  • Convincers & Deepeners
  • Deepeners of Trance
  • Hypnotic Semantics
  • Compounding Suggestions.
  • Building Rapport
  • Therapeutic Relationship
  • The Unconscious Mind
  • Ideomotor Techniques

Module 3

Hypnosis with  Children, Child Birth and Child Hood Trauma
• Techniques with Children
• Point of Hand/Favourite Song
• Flying Blanket
• Dropped Coin
• Eye Closure
• Ego Strengthening Techniques with Children Thumbnail/Lighted Globe
• Transferring Pain/Comfort Recall
• Biofeedback/Story Telling
• Erickson: “When you were a child ...” Transcript
• Children’s Allergies/Enuresis
• Enuresis
• Thumb Sucking/Nail Biting/Hair Pulling Stuttering
• A Case Study of Children’s Allergies
Hypnosis with Childbirth
• Pre Menstrual Tension
• Fertility Issues
• Child-birthing
• Creative Visualization
Childhood Abuse
• Boundaries/Counter Transference
• Inner Child Techniques
• Multiple Personality Disorder
• Parts Therapy
• Timelines
• Guilt Release

Module 4

Inductions/ Depth Scales and Ideomotor Responses
• 1,2,3 You’re Back In The Room
• The Book Induction
• Progressive Relaxation
• Spiegel Method: The Eye Roll Induction
• The Window in the Top of Your Head
• Moving Awareness
• Guided Imagery Induction
• Imagery Exercise
• 8 Kinds Of Guided Imagery
• Quantum Focusing
• Pacing Inductions
• Focusing Induction
• Flowers Induction
• Ring Induction
• Thumb Stare Induction
• The Eye-Closure Technique
• Arm Lowering Induction
• Exercise: Crossing Over Representational Systems
• Handshake Inductions
• Elman Handshake
• Erickson Handshake
• Bandler Handshake
• The Language of Hypnosis: Part Two
• Indirect Suggestions
• Binds In Hypnotic Language
• Amplification (Deepening)
• The Six Depth Stages in Hypnosis
• Direct Amplification - counting
• Physical Manipulation
• Imagery Deepeners
• Fractionation
• Other Deepeners
• Depth and Deepening
• Depth Scales
• Arons Depth Scale
• Davis And Husband Depth
• Lecron – Bordeaux Depth Scale
• Stanford Hypnotic Scale
• Sunnen Trance Scale
• One Minute Induction with Skyscraper Deepener
• The Super Suggestion
• Betty Erickson’s Self Hypnosis Technique
• Mutual Trance
• Director Technique
• Deep Trance Identification
• Control Room Technique
• The “Snowflake”
• “Globes”
• Pseudo Orientation in Time - Part One
• Hypnotic Progression
• Benefits Approach
• Integrating Polarities in Hypnosis
• Reframing in Hypnosis
• Re-Imprinting in Hypnosis
• Utilization of Ideomotor Signals in Intervention
• Establishing Signals
• Conscious/Unconscious Collaboration
• Ideomotor Intervention Protocol
• Transference
• Dealing with Transference
• Abreactions
• Dealing with abreactions
• Trust the Unconscious mind
• Dreams and Interpretations
• Interpreting Dreams
• Keep a Dream Journal
• Developing Hypnotic Metaphors

Module 5

Trance Development
• Focus of Attention
• Immediate Awareness
• Deepening the Trance
• Introducing a Visual Experience
• Giving Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Module 6

Weight Issues and Eating Disorders

• Barriers to Achieving Weight Loss
• Causes of Obesity
• Secondary Gain
• Psychological Reasons for Overweight Weight Gain as a Defence Mechanism.
• Weight Problem Case Study
• Inner Belief System
• Anorexia and Bulimia
• Bulimia Recovery

Module 7

Pain Alleviation / Behaviours and Habit Removal

•Muscular Relaxation
 •Esdaile State
• Waking Hypnosis
• Imagery for Pain Control
• The Magic Finger
• Children in Pain/Control Room
• Induction for Clients in Pain
• Glove Anaesthesia/Time Distortion
• Headaches/Nervous Twitch
• Headache - Objectification
• Headache Resolution
• Physical Pain
• Snowy Nights
• Simple Metaphors
• Bladder Control Balloon
• Fractures
• Dental Hypnosis/Fear of Injections Case Histories
• Case Studies Hypnodontics
• Hypnosis for Cancer Care
• Guided Imagery
• Hypnosis for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E)
Treatment Plan
• Entering Trance and Utilizing Imagery of Immune System
• Audios / Teaching Self Hypnosis
• Arthritis/Stroke
• Hypertension/Drug Addiction
• Communicating with a Sleeping Person
• Anxiety
• Reciprocal Inhibition/Thought Stopping
• Useful Strategies/Blow Aways
• Fade Away Pain
• Smoking Cessation
Case Study for Smoking Cessation
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Phobias
• Treatment Plan for Phobias
• Depression
• Symptoms Associated with Depression Assumptions
• Treating Depression
• Case Study for Depression
• Changing Personal History/IBS
• Treatment Plan for IBS
• Sleep Disorder
• Narcolepsy
• Accessing Neurotic Beginnings
• The Source of the Problem
• Confirming the Significance
• Tinnitus/Skin Conditions
• Warts
• Psychosexual Disorder

Module 8

Regression Techniques
• Regression to Childhood
• With case studies
• Sense Memory
• Psuedo-Revivication and Precautionary measures
• Inner Child with case studies
• State Bound Memory
• Recovered Memory
• The Affect Bridge Technique
• Age progression
• Confusion/Talking Cure
• Regression Or Hypnotic Regression Theory (HRT)
• 5 phases of regression:
• Approaches To Regression
• Parts Therapy
• Past life regression
• The History of Regression
• Case Studies
• Clients Reasons/The Regression Session When to Use Regression
• The Christos Technique
• Tapping into Creative Abilities
• Deep Trance Identification
• Memory
• Memory Recall
• Mnemonics
• Photo-reading
• Tangerine Method/The photo-reading technique
• Stress management
• Causes of Stress
• Information Overload/Fight or Flight Reactions
• The Complete Diaphragm Method
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Using EFT and Hypnosis with PTSD victims
• Self Hypnosis using the S.M.A.R.T.T Hypnosis Teaching Technique

Module 9

Further Techniques in Hypnotherapy
• Forensic Hypnosis
• Safeguards
• Hypnosis as a Truth Drug
• Hypnosis in Relationships
• Personalities where Caution should be Used
• Severely Disturbed Clients
• Lack of Trust/Bi-polar
• Suggestions to Deter Suicide
• NLP and Hypnosis
• Pre-suppositions
• Six Step Reframe
• The Swish Pattern
• Time Lines/Reframe Outline
• Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
• Hypnotherapy and the UK Law
• Forming a Support Group
• Luscher Colour Testing
• Symbolic Resource Integration
• Associational Strategies In Induction And Intervention
• Complex Metaphors In Hypnosis
• “Problem Induction Sequence”
• Pseudo Orientation in Time - Part Two
• Crystal/Rainbow Pattern
• Language Patterns: Part B
• Confusion Patterns
• Amnesia
• Appendix
• Presuppositional Forms
• Classes Of Hypnotic Phenomena
• More Presuppositions In Hypnosis
• Examples Of Introductory Hypnotic Phrasing

Module 10

Medical Hypnotherapy 

The Role of Hypnotherapy in the Modern World

Beyond Ritalin

Alternatives for helping AD/HD

Accidental Hypnosis


Module 11

Online Entrepreneurship - How To Build and Scale Your Business

  • Starting Your Business From Scratch
  •  How to Build Your Client List
  • Client Conversions - Tried and Tested Methods.
  •  How to Make Your Practice Profitable
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance/Statute Breach of Confidence/Data Protection Act 
  • Promoting Yourself
  • Promoting on the Internet Advertising on Radio & TV The Press Kit
  • Intake Form Example
  • Client Bill Of Rights Disclosure Of Hypnosis Services (U.S. Students only
  • Release Of Information Form Example
  • Hypnosis – Physician Referral

  • Module 12
  • Further assignments in the form of case studies
  • Exam

 Whether You Just Want to Learn about Hypnotherapy Or You Are Looking To Take Your Hypnotherapy Career Further By Learning The Skills To Make A Real Difference To Yourself And Others, Then What are You Waiting For!

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This Diploma involves over 120 hours of live training sessions and it gives you 240 CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.

Upon completion of the course - for those students with 90% attendance or greater ONLY, you will receive a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course. 

You will have lifetime access to the recorded sessions and course materials via IGNLP's eLearning platform and access to an exclusive Facebook group of likeminded therapists. You can engage in study groups and ask each other questions, which is a great way to learn, engage and widen your network.

Upon completion of the course, you'll become a Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner with a globally recognised organisations, International Association of Counsellors and Practitioners (IACT), The Elman Institute, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and the Irish Guild of Hypnotherapy Practitioners (IGNLP) and you will also be able to use the post-nominals ‘CH‘ OR "CHt "after
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IGNLP hypno course info

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IGNLP has a comprehensive portfolio of NLP and hypnotherapy courses and affiliations that we believe reflect the high standards we provide to our students. All our NLP and hypnotherapy courses are taught, supervised and validated by highly professional master hypnotherapy trainers, professors and practitioners with many years of collective experience.

Our accredited hypnosis and hypnotherapy training courses are assessed and validated by the International Association of Counsellors and Practitioners (IACT),The Elman Institute, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) the Irish Guild of Hypnotherapy Practitioners (IGHYPNO) and the Hypnotherapy Directory U.K

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Start date: 4th of May 2022

Mode of delivery: Online live Zoom teaching or Traditional Face to Face Teaching

Duration: 9 months, which includes:

  • 120 hrs of Live Zoom Teaching 
  • 215 hrs of Independent Learning 
  • 165 hrs of directed study including Assignments, Case Studies and Final Exam

Registration Ends: 29th of April 2022